SatSleeve or Satellite Phone?

With so much choice it's hard to know which device to buy. Get a Sleeve for my existing phone, or a straight forward independent satellite phone?

Most of the time we are told the satellite phone is for "Emergency Use" If this is the case we highly recommend a stand alone satellite phone. Simple, easy to use, no fuss, less to go wrong and much better battery life.

Data If you absolutely must have data then the SatSleeve is the right device. Limited data speeds and expensive to run ($5 MB), but if you need data this is the best in a handheld device.

Texting is also MUCH easier - but remember texting to and from satellite networks is, at times, hit or miss. The text is relayed across multiple carriers and may be delayed, or not arrive at all, depending on the sending and receiving carrier.





  • Two versions available Functionality is identical, but one comes with a cradle for your phone, the other a stand. Use either with your phone anywhere up to 10m away.
  • Easy to text on your phone.
  • Easy to use Bluetooth headsets or car systems (an external antenna is needed for in car or building use)
  • Easy access to your phone contacts


  • Poor battery life when connected to your phone. 9 hour standby specs but  generally 4 - 5 hours
  • Not intuitive to use. Complex for non tech savvy users.
  • Needs an App which may have compatibility issues with some phones. No guarantee the App keeps working if the phone is updated, be it, the operating system, or a firmware upgrade.
  • Can cause bill shock if data is used

SatSleeve Compatibility - please see this list for handsets tested and approved for use with the SatSleeve App.

NB Please, keep in mind the tests are done with the manufacturers original operating system and firmware. Subsequent updates to the phone operating system or firmware may cause compatibility issues with the App.


Satellite Phone


  • Slightly Less Expensive (XT-Lite)
  • Vastly superior battery Life
  • Easy to use, simple and intuitive for non tech savvy users.
  • Take anywhere, use anywhere, without the need of another device being in working condition
  • No data bill shock (on non data phones like the XT-Lite etc.)
  • No App needed, no compatibility issues.


  • Texting is clumsy (like a 90's mobile phone)
  • Contacts must be entered manually
  • No Bluetooth