SatSleeve for Smart Phones

Notice: Thuraya SatSleeve AC Charger Recall. Click here to find out more.

Is the SatSleeve the right device for you? Check here to find out about compatibility and see what the SatSleeve can do for you.

Thuraya SatSleeve in two variants:

The SatSleeve Plus or "Universal" which comes with a cradle to snugly fit your Smart Phone. Can also be used in hotspot mode allowing satellite access whilst your phone is within range of the inbuilt hotspot


The SatSleeve Hotspot which comes with a kick stand allowing you to sit the SatSleeve in a convenient place using your Smart Phone within range of the built in hotspot.

Please note that both variants of the SatSleeve are identical in functionality - it's only the cradle or stand adapter that is different. Choose your version - functionality is identical, the only difference being one has a cradle and the other a stand. Alternative adapters are also available if you'd like the best of both worlds!



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