SatSleeve Compatibility

The Thuraya SatSleeve (Hotspot and Universal) is designed to operate with a huge number of iPhone and Android Telephones.

The models listed in the Compatibility Guide are guaranteed as operating with the SatSleeve, only with the base Firmware, Operating System and Updates installed at the time of testing (usually model release).

Current SATSLEEVE Compatibility List


Future updates to the device may cause functionality issues with the SatSleeve and SatSleeve App. It is impossible to guarantee on-going functionality where handsets are further updated. Updates do NOT normally cause interoperability issues but it is not guaranteed to be the case.

Thuraya update the SatSleeve Firmware and App on a periodic basis, but the time frame of this is impossible to determine in advance.

Handsets NOT on the compatibility list may well operate with the SatSleeve but performance and interoperability cannot be guaranteed. We cannot warrant devices which are not on the compatibility list.