SPOT X 2 Way Satellite Tracker and Messenger

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The Spot X brings 2 way messaging and tracking to places with no mobile coverage!

No annual commitment needed!

Use the built in keyboard and LCD Screen to send and receive messages and tracking information, or connect to your Smart Phone via Bluetooth.

Stay in touch with family, friends, colleagues and Search & Rescue, if needed, no matter where you are.

*Spot X shown with Spot Gen 3 for Comparative Purposes. Spot Gen 3 not included. Please note the Spot X firmware must be updated to the latest level prior to use.


  • Alert Search & Rescue via the SOS button and receive updates on the situation via 2 way messaging
  • Send SMS's to any phone, or even email address worldwide.
  • Use the built in screen and keyboard or your Smart Phone to send and receive messages.
  • Keep your position updated with tracking intervals of 2.5, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minute intervals and display this on the SPOT mapping system.
  • Navigation is available with compass and user defined waypoints built in.
  • Great Battery life with 10 days of tracking in 10 minute mode
  • Built in Lithium Battery, No AAA batteries needed
  • IP 67 water and dust rating
  • Back lit Display and keyboard
  • Connects to your Smart Phone


The SPOT X requires a subscription. Subscriptions start at US$15.13 per month on a 12 month plan or US$17.88 month to month.

For plan information and to connect your device go to the Australian SPOT Page

If you have an existing SPOT Gen 3 plan you can login to the Spot portal and upgrade to a the SPOT X unlimited plan at no extra cost, until the expiry of the expiry of your remaining term.

On the anniversary of your plan you will then be billed for the Spot X Unlimited plan. Should you wish to the, downgrade to a lower plan there is a $25 fee. Plan changes "upwards" do not attract this fee.

What's in the Box

  • Spot X
  • USB Charging / Data Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carabiner and attachment Strap
  • Kick Stand

Unboxing Video


The diagram shows the simplex and duplex coverage below. One limitation to be aware of is that messages are only "queued" for delivery to a maxiumum of 3 messages. This means that if you send 5 messages and the receiver has not received the first 3 messages  the 4th and 5th will not get delivered.

Sounds bad, but should not be a huge issue in normal Spot X coverage areas if your Spot X is on and has a view of the sky.

Serial text spammers may have an issue with this!

Spot X Coverage