Push To Talk (PTT)

The Iridium Push To Talk (PTT) solution can provide your company with a portable PTT network which is not limited by ground infrastructure. Iridium PTT is simple to set up and adjust as your needs change. Using the Iridium PTT Command Center, you can define coverage areas and user talk groups quickly and easily. Unlike traditional radio, the satellite PPT solution allows for multiple locations to all communicate from anywhere on the planet in real time.

Within the Iridium PTT solution, you can choose between 2 different handheld solutions as well as a fixed or semi-permanent unit. Within the handheld range, the Iridium Extreme 9575 PTT handset offers both traditional voice as well as PTT access. The alternative option is the PTT only ICOM SAT-100 handsets which provides a reggeized radio like option for the end user. There is also a carkit that both the 9575 and the SAT-100 can use for staff on the move and a fixed solution for buildings or vehicles you do not want your staff to remove the units from.


Web Interface

The Iridium PTT Command Center allows for quick and easy setup and changes. The command center, functions by using drop and drag command’s for determining talk group sizes and which devices are assigned to which talk group. Devices can be assigned to multiple talk groups and like traditional radios, the handset can cycle through the different options.  Our staff will assist with the Command center setup and day to day running if required.

If you have staff constantly moving location's or are setting up new operations in a location you don’t want to setup a radio network in, the Iridium PTT solution could be the piece to the puzzle. Please reach out to one of our knowledgeable staff to go over the solutions options for your next project.