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IsatHub, voice, data and SMS almost anywhere in the world for multiple users at the same time

The IsatHub allows you to travel almost anywhere in the world, providing seamless global connectivity, allowing you to talk, text, access the internet, social media, work VPN's and much more.

It's like having 3G voice and data connectivity with up to 384kbps, almost anywhere in the world. (Subscription / plan required)


  • Supports high-quality voice, text, email, internet access and app use 99.9% availability worldwide
  • Simple access and control via user-friendly smartphone or tablet app Setup in minutes, no training required
  • Two security levels: MAC address filtering and WiFi password control
  • Flip-up Antenna with visual pointing indicators
  • Personal Alert Button - Send emergency message at a touch of a button
  • Standard IP data up to 240/384kbps send/receive
  • Lightweight and highly portable terminal
  • 30 meter WiFi range supporting multiple connections
  • Low power consumption Supports solar recharging
  • Signal strength indicator with pointing assistance
  • Firewall pre-set selections

Connect your phone, tablet or PC - text, talk and browse virtually anywhere in the world!

Inmarsat Plans

 App download

Download the IsatHub iPhone Apps. (IsatHub Control App / IsatHub Voice App) Download the IsatHub Android Apps.(Control and Voice Apps)

Isathub Brochure