Satellite Internet BGAN Link Plans

Only for terrestrial use in Oceania Area. All prices in $AU inc GST, but subject to change with one months notice, past contract term.

SIM Cards are supplied free of charge where the terminal is supplied by Sat Phone Sales.

Extra SIM Cards and activation is $25

BGAN Link Plans

Data 1 Month Term 3 Month Term 12 Month Term
 *500 Mb ----- $200 $167
2.5GB $704 $528 $440
5 GB $1171 $878 $732
10GB $1752 $1315 $1095
30GB $2920 $2190 $1825

 Calls to Premium Numbers are not supported

Calls to Fixed, Mobile and Voicemail $1.75 / min

Incoming Calls to the provisioned 04 numbers are charged at $3.90 per minute

Outgoing SMS $0.55

  • Notification of Voicemail is Free
  • Activation Charge Free

Note there is no overage data. The plan 0.5/2.5/5/10GB plans will be progressively throttled in speed after reaching 90% of allowance.

90% 128kbps, 95% 64kbps, 98% 32kbps, 100% 20kbps

30GB plan throttles to 128kbps at 95% plan allowance

Link plans have low priority on the network. In the event of congestion maximum speeds may not be available at all times, and is on a "best effort" basis.

Billing Period

The monthly plans are billed with the first month as pro-rata. Thereafter plans are billed by the calendar month.

As an example a service activated on the 2nd of January will be charged for January on a prorata basis, however any excursion in to March would see that Month billed in full as a Calendar Month. Cancel the service PRIOR to the excursion in to the following month.